Mission Statement

In Aescultura, we believe that: “In the right hands even minor physical changes can foster renewed confidence, increase self-respect and restore a positive outlook in life. Our staff is truly dedicated to the fine art of transformation and have the training and sensibility to achieve a natural, yet enhanced appearance.”

Company Profile

Aes (Gk: aesthēt – of sense-perception, perceptive)
Scultura (Sp: escultura – sculpture)

Aescultura started as a brilliant idea of doctors who have merged from their several years of prestigious cosmetic surgery practice, having a common interest of changing people’s lives by making them more beautiful. We have the “eye” and “perception” of an artist that will bring out the beauty of a person even with just a minor physical change. Our aesthetic skills combined with our medical proficiency and state of the art medical facility takes us one step higher from the rest of the cosmetic surgery centers.

We treat each patient as a “work of art”. Each surgical procedure is artistically planned out and executed by highly trained surgical and medical professionals. We make sure that our final outcome will always be a Masterpiece!