Aphrodite Slimming Therapy (Panay’s Machine)

Treatment Time: 30minutes

Aphrodite is a Low frequency ultrasound in conjunction with Endermologie. Ultrasound is used to send soundwaves to the fat tissues to destroy the fat globules. The vacuum contributes to the increased blood circulation. It gently kneads the skin and facilitates drainage of destroyed fat tissues. The mechanical action also helps drain the excess fluid into the lymphatic system. Both actions, reducing the fat cells size and draining excess fluids to the lymphatic system, are accompanied by shrinkage of the fat chambers size, thus leading to reduction of body circumference and cellulite.

This device used for improving the appearance of cellulite and reducing body circumferences and that it may also be therapeutic for improving circulation and muscle aches in the treated areas.

Aescultura Svelte Tri-Lipo and Contouring

Treatment Time: 30minutes

Body slimming and contouring minus the invasive and painful surgeries ? Trim down and shape up with our Maximus TriLipo for non-invasive body slimming and body sculpting. The unique machine that uses the cutting – edge power of radiofrequency plus muscle stimulator to get maximum result in just one treatment.

Ultrasonique Contour

Treatment time: 30minutes

It’s a non-invasive treatment that use of cavitation, a procedure that instantly melt down fat cells using ultra sound waves. You’ll get inches off your problem area after just the first session.


Treatment Time: 30minutes

Cryo Facelift and Fat Reduction Therapy at Aescultura makes use of the Cryolipolysis process, also known as CoolSculpting, is fast becoming one of the most popular slimming techniques available in the country. It doesn’t only help effectively get rid of excess facial fats but also tightens the skin for a more youthful look. Fat cells are cooled down and sapped out through metabolism using an 18˚C cryo energy. This treatment is FDA-certified and non-invasive.

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