UltraSilk Laser Hair Removal

In response to the increasing demand to remove unwanted hair on virtually any body area, the ability to offer superior results to the widest variety of patients is critical. Our laser system offers high powers and both short and very long pulses to safely and effective treat all skin types including tanned skin and the broadest range of hair colors, diameters and depths. This laser system represents quintessential simplicity in a state of the art without pain.

Char-free Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser

There are a lot of removal procedures that can be done to resurface stubborn spots. Some can be removed through using over the counter wart removal kits. But some needs to be seen and treated by a doctor. It’s a laser procedure which applies high frequency current to specific area of the body to eliminate unwanted tissues lesion, such as warts, sebaceous hyperplasia, syringoma, and the like.

A laser therapy that involves the use of state of the art Carbon Dioxide Laser. It is very effective in treating persistent and large warts, syringoma, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia and mole. The CO2 laser has the capability of smoothing out the edges of a wound, to produce a better scar which turns out to be almost unnoticeable. A topical anesthetic makes the procedure painless.

Nouveau Skin TriFractional

Get the promise of new skin with TriFractional Technology. This promises outstanding skin resurfacing results with regular sessions. It uses 3-pulse fractional technology, a safe and effective way of skin resurfacing with minimal discomfort and almost no downtime at all. It has combination of fractional resurfacing with the benefit of radiofrequency plus minimal pain is its main highlight in giving best skin you may ever have.

Fractional laser is used to vaporize lines, wrinkles, scars, dark spots, and other irregularities, layer by layer. It stimulates the formation of new, underlying collagen to provide elasticity and support for the skin.

A fractional laser procedure performed in a single treatment with minimal patient downtime. During the procedure, a high-energy beam of laser light is used to smooth out lines, wrinkles and scars, remove brown spots and other irregularities. It also stimulates formation of new underlying collagen to continue improvement over time. With fractional laser treatment, only a fraction of the skin’s surface is treated by the laser, leaving small “bridges” of untouched skin. This technique makes the healing process much faster and enables you to get back to normal activities sooner.

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